Snorri Hrafn Guðmundsson


Snorri Hrafn Gudmundsson started his formal musical education at F.Í.H. He enrolled at Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, where he completed BM degrees in Music Production & Engineering and Music Business & Management. He participated in the new age sampler CD Sounds of the Soul, released by Crystal Hearts Records, Miami, and his contribution, Transmission Two, made the Slovenian Radio Gama Top 10 list. He released a solo CD named Zyncama, which also managed to penetrate Gama´s playlists.

Snorri and Angela McCartney founded the Berklee Business Association which mission was to release and promote student material. This organization is still active and had connected with an ever expanding network of American Musical schools. Snorri completed his MBA at Suffolk Umiversity 1997 with a final projet on identical patterns appearing in business and art.

The first public performance of his works was the graduation song of the Comprehensive Community College of Breidholt, Reykjavík, in December 1989. He entered the Berklee Songwriters Contest in 1991 and reached semi-finals. In 1993, he completed the first movement of a string divertimento that was later performed by the Brookline Symphony Orchestra.

Snorri´s music ranges from dancehall reggae to orchestral works. 105 of 430 pieces are of classical nature, among them the ballet Himinbjargar Saga, Prayer for the Dead and Waltz in a-minor. Other works include the ambient single movement symphony The Eye of Infinity and a large number of vocal music and smaller pieces. Four CDs are in the planning stages. The ambient/classical Millennium Lullay is nearing its completion and has already received airplay. The second CD, White Heaven, the third featuring young musicians and the fourth containing solo works for the piano are in the planning stages.

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