Lárus Halldór Grímsson commenced his music studies in 1971, majoring in flute at the Education Department for Wind Instruments at the Reykjavík College of Music. During his college years Mr. Grímsson played the flute and keyboards in several ambitious bands, notably Eik (1974-1979), one of the first rhythmic ensembles in Iceland to compose their entire material themselves. In 1979 his post graduate studies took him to Holland to study at the Institute of Sonology in Utrecht, primarily with Jaap Vink, and after graduation he continued working at the institute.

Most of Mr. Grímsson´s compositions are either electronic (realised through tape recorder), or written for tape and one traditional instrument or more. Since 1990, traditional line-ups seem to be on the increase, whereas most of the later works are non-electronic. Clarinett Quartett, Slúðurdálkurinn (The Gossip Column) for clarinet solo, and Tales From a Forlorn Fortress, for bassoon, violin, viola and cello are but few examples. Representative works in the electronic genre include Þráfylgni (Persistent Pursuit), Og þá riðu hetjur um héruð (Heroes Roamed the Country) for tape, Sambúðarsundurþykkju (Discord in Cohabitation) for harpsichord, French horn and tape, and Back to the Beginning Again? for bassoon and tape. In addition Mr. Grímsson has written music for theatre, TV plays and feature films.

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