Hordur Torfa is the first and, in a way, the only icelandic troubadour. As a musician, he has been admired and respected since he released his first LP back in 1970, but, after he 'outed' himself in a famous magazine-interview, he has been hated and scornedby the petty moralists and pedantic hypocrites of all classes, which seem to thrive equally well in the cold Icelandic climate as they do anywhere else inthe world. The public reaction to this interview was so severe, that Hordur was forced to leave the country and live in exile for the next fifteen years. And so, Hordur is not only the first icelandic troubadour and the country's first prominent homosexual to raise his voice and claim the natural right of everyhuman being - to be what he is and live his life accordingly - he is also the first Icelander ever to be exiled for any reason other than violent crime or 'subversive politics'.

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