Egill Ólafsson studied voice and music theory at the Reykjavík College of Music 1970-1976. He has also attended various courses in Scandinavia related to theatre music. In recent years Egill has composed incidental music for theatre, motion pictures as well as musicals. Of his musicals “Eva Luna” is based upon the novel by Isabell Aliende and “Grettir” based upon one of the Icelandic sagas. Both of these were staged at the the City Theatre in Reykjavík. He has composed songs to the Shakespear play “As you like it” for the production at the National Theatre in Iceland and his newest musical is “People come, people go” by Sella Palsson, which was premiered at John Houseman Theatre in New York.

Egill is also an active actor both on stage, TV and in movies. Egill has been the singer of many well-known bands in Iceland and many recording have been released with his performance and his music.

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