Berjadagar 2023, 3-6 August 2023

Berjadagar Music Festival Ólafsfjörður takes place for three to four days period in Ólafsfjörður, Iceland*, every year. The artistic director and cellist represents concerts, of some considered a musical sensation, in one of the most interesting fjord of her country. There she gathers together top artists in the classical- and jazz music field to perform for the local audience and guests of Ólafsfjörður. On the side guests can enjoy smaller events like an exhibition, hiking in some of the 14 different valleys, tree planting, a wonderful brunch in the local Kaffi Klara and last but not least grand evening- and mid-day concerts. The Concerts take place in Cultural Hall Tjarnarborg and the local church where some moments in the past turned golden in its wondrous acoustics.

The supersweet black blueberries, “aðalbláber”, grow in the northern region in august. These berries are the inspiration for the title of the festival that translates as the Blueberry Music Festival. Concertpianist Örn Magnússon founded the festival in year 1999. Berjadagar Musicfestival has been held under the motto of creativeness and nature every year since. His niece Ólöf Sigursveinsdóttir has served as artistic director since 2013. The variations of artists and music put together makes the festival worth visiting and the festival in Ólafsfjörður has proved itself to be one of the most interesting cultural events of the north east region.

*Ólafsfjörður lies within 60 km west north from Akureyri