PÓLYPSAR (violin version)

Tilraun til svefns

Product categories SOLO WORKS
Instruments Violin
Instrumentation optional amplification
Pages 8
Durata 00:10:00
ComposerSmárason, Halldór
Year composed 2914
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The piece is in three versions. Originally composed for for solo violin, later also for solo viola and solo violoncello, all with optional amplification. Violin versionwas premiered by Una Sveinbjarnadóttir, 18 July 2014 and the viola version was premiered by Þóra Margrét Sveinsdóttir, 2 August 2014. The cello version premiered by Guðný Jónasdóttir, 30 January, 2016.

Listen to a sound sample here: viola version, violin version
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