DALVÍSA - mezzo

Product categories Voice + 1 instrument - Art song
Instruments Mezzo Soprano
Pages 4
Durata 00:02:00
Text title Dalvísa
Text sample Fífilbrekka gróin grund
AuthorHallgrímsson, Jónas
ComposerBirgisson, Snorri Sigfús
Year composed 2015
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This song was originally arranged for Piano Solo (23 Icelandic Folk Songs for Piano) under another title (Iceland, Freedom is Now) and then transcribed in 2013 for Baritone & Piano for Mikhael Aaron Óskarsson and dedicated to him on his birthday. He premiered the piece at a school concert in the Song Academy of Sigurdur Demetz in Iceland the same year. The text is a poem by Jónas Hallgrímsson (1807-1845). The piece is also in versions for Mezzo Soprano (F-Major) & Soprano (Bb Major)
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